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Company Chemists’ Association fight retention fee increase

Friday, September 14th, 2007

PRimage client, the CCA, representing the UK’s largest pharmacy retailers, can see no justification for proposed increases of 50% in individual fees and premises fees, according to chairman Digby Emerson. The body is opposed to its members funding any cost of splitting the RPSGB into separate professional leadership and regulatory bodies, and it has requested an “urgent” meeting with the Society treasurer.

£3m for pharmacy regulatory costs

Friday, September 14th, 2007

The issue of pharmacy regulation is currently a real ‘hot potato’ – so Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team were interested to learn that Health Minister, Ben Bradshaw, has revealed that the government had allocated £3 million to fund its overhaul of pharmacy regulation.  

With client interests in the pharmacy profession, PRimage will be tracking reactions and views on this news … watch this space.

Can the blues go green?

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

PRimage is interested to see that a higher tax on domestic flights and a moratorium on airport expansions are among some of the key proposals from a Conservative policy group, as part of the political party’s commitment to fighting climate change.

Judy Viitanen, PRimage MD, believes that there is little doubt that there is a green space to be occupied in British politics. But the question must remain whether greenery and a right of centre of position on most other matters will convince the voters? 

The report’s recommendations are not binding but the co-authors John Gummer and the Tories greenest aspirant Zac Goldsmith believe the suggestions – such as a “showroom tax” for less fuel efficient cars while smaller and ‘cleaner’ vehicles would get tax relief – will help transform Britain into a “world leader on green growth”.   What’s your opinion?  Let us know your views!

Day Lewis Pharmacies offer free blood pressure checks as part of ‘Know Your Numbers®’ Week

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

120 Day Lewis Pharmacies around the UK are holding free blood pressure checks this week as part of the Blood Pressure Association’s (BPA’s) Know your Numbers! (KYN) campaign. The selected stores will be urging all local residents to come and have their blood pressure checked to see if they are at risk of high blood pressure.

More than 16 million adults in the UK have high blood pressure – but a third of them are completely unaware that they have the condition because there are no obvious symptoms. The BPA, the UK’s blood pressure charity, calls this group the ‘missing millions’. High blood pressure is the major cause of death and disability through heart attacks and strokes in the UK. But the good news is the condition can be treated once it is detected.

Peter Glover, Superintendent Pharmacist of the Day Lewis Pharmacy Group said: “We are delighted to support the BPA’s important healthcare messages and to play our part in helping raise awareness of the condition by highlighting to people that they are putting their health on the line through ignorance of high blood pressure and its complications. We are encouraging all our customers and local residents to come in and check their blood pressure during the BPA’s Know Your Numbers! campaign. It’s painless, quick, free and easy to do and it could save your life.”

And if you are already diagnosed with high blood pressure, our Day Lewis pharmacy teams can provide support and information on how to lead a healthier lifestyle and can answer any questions about your medication – all essential to good blood pressure management.”

The Day Lewis Pharmacy Group is among 2,700 organisations including supermarkets, shopping centres, health clubs and GP surgeries which will be offering free blood pressure checks across the UK during the BPA’s event.

Nickie Roberts, Executive Director of the Blood Pressure Association, said: “”We are urging everyone to have their blood pressure checked during Know Your Numbers! Week and hope we can encourage people to know their numbers in the same way as their height or weight.

“Keeping blood pressure at a healthy level is one of the most important things everyone can do to reduce their risk of stroke and heart disease.”

To find out more about high blood pressure or for a free information pack on the condition, visit the BPA website – www.bpassoc.org.uk – or call 020 8772 4994

For further information on the BPA or KYN Week please contact:

Colin Joseph, BPA Press & PR Officer, 020 8772 4993

Sue Massey, BPA Head of Communications, 020 8772 4984

For further information on Day Lewis Pharmacies, or for details of their pharmacies in your area involved in the campaign and to interview a local Day Lewis pharmacist, please contact:

Judy Viitanen at PRimage, 01727 874137; 07717691845, or email judy@primage.org. www.primage.org

‘Back to school’ leads to increase in pharmacy medicine sales

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

The long summer holidays have now ended and this week the majority of children around the country have started the new school year … and many families will face the start of a round of viral and bacterial infections! Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team were interested to learn from from Lloydspharmacy that within a few days of the ‘back to school’ period pharmacies see sales of cough treatments, flu relief and decongestant mixtures increase by 14%, while purchases of stomach settlers, diarrhoea remedies and tissue sales also rocket by nearly a quarter.

Smokers risk dementia

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

More bad news for smokers, with reports from Dutch researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands that people who smoke are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia than people who have quit or have never smoked. Judy Viitanen was interested to note that smokers over the age of 55 were 50 percent more likely to develop dementia than similar nonsmokers.

Opinion poll shows stalemate and dampens election fever

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Judy Viitanen and PRimage believe that the findings of new opinion polls showing  Labour neck and neck with the Tories will serve to reduce the current speculation of a snap autumn election.

The new opinion poll for The Independent by ComRes puts the two major parties on 36 per cent, with the Liberal Democrats on 15 and other parties on 13 per cent. Labour, which enjoyed a three-point lead over the Tories a month ago, is down one percentage point and David Cameron’s party is up two points. The Liberal Democrats are down one point.

EU vote ‘backlash’ ?

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

The government may well thwart calls for a referendum on the EU constitution but could see a public backlash, the shadow home secretary has warned.  Judy Viitanen believes that David Davis is absolutely right!  Do you?  What’s your opinion?

Male Mid-Life Crisis ….. spend, spend, spend!

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team were fascinated by the findings of a new survey which revealed that British men in their 30s and 40s are spending a total of £24bn every year in an effort to cope with their mid-life crisis!   Evidently exotic holidays are the most popular extravagances, costing an average of £1,340 a year, followed by gadgets (£295) and beauty products (£285).

Much is written about how women cope with ageing, but this survey also shows that some men take drastic measures, such as Botox procedures, hair weaves and teeth whitening, which are costing up to £2,410 a year.  Unsurprisingly, Viagra and sex aids are also being used to perk up libidos to the tune of up to £712, the poll reveals.

Almost half of those surveyed (43.7%) said they were spending because they became conscious of getting older and not achieving all they wanted to. (Well, women often feel like this too!)

But PRimage think that that the most revealing element of the survey – and a key insight to the male perception of coping with a mid-life crisis – is when asked about the option of altering anything in their lives, 31.9% of men said they would rather change careers completely and retrain in another field…….

What’s your view and experience of dealing with the dreaded mid-life crisis?  We want to hear from you!