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Seasonal Greetings from PRimage!

Friday, December 21st, 2007

It’s that time of the year again for many of us so, whatever you are celebrating – Christmas, Hanukah, Eid – festive geetings and best wishes for a healthy, happy and successful New Year from Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team. Enjoy!

Here’s to a Healthy Christmas!

Friday, December 21st, 2007

The festive season of parties, family fun and over-indulgence is here again… but for many this can also mean coping with the traditional after effects, such as hangovers and heartburn. Your local Day Lewis Pharmacy branch is encouraging us all to remember the simple things we can do to ensure we stay in the best of health this Christmas – and offers a healthy dose of seasonal advice and top health tips. Talking to PRimage, Peter Glover, the Day Lewis Superintendent Pharmacist, comments: “The good news is that by being prepared – and following these simple self-help tips and common-sense advice, you can make sure that avoidable health problems won’t put a dampener on your family’s festive fun. Coughs, colds and other winter ills often strike at unsociable times – particularly Christmas and Bank Holidays – so it will be reassuring to know that you are well prepared, especially if you have a young family or elderly relatives to care for.”

Day Lewis Top Tips For Christmas Health

Indigestion: Christmas pudding, brandy butter, mince pies, chocolate liqueurs … there are many rich foods and alcohol that can trigger a bout of indigestion or heartburn at this time of year – and we tend to over-indulge in all of them! Here’s how you still enjoy the festive fare, but take practical steps to prevent or alleviate the misery of heartburn, nausea, wind or abdominal pains: Avoid eating within an hour of going to bed; drink a glass of milk at bedtime; try sleeping propped up with pillows; ask your Day Lewis pharmacist to recommend a suitable indigestion remedy in case you or your family needs it over the holiday.

Hangovers: We all know that too much alcohol results in that dreaded “morning after” feeling. However, when you’re faced with endless parties, it’s not always easy to have an ‘alcohol-free’ Christmas and New Year. So Day Lewis advice is to drink sensibly and not to overdo it. This festive season, do follow these basic tips to help you keep out of trouble: Don’t drink on an empty stomach – have a proper meal first; try to drink less and have a soft drink first, then alternate soft drinks with alcohol; before going to bed, drink plenty of water: dehydration is the main cause for a hangover’s worst effects; If you do wake up suffering, keep drinking plenty of fluids and try eating something to increase your blood sugar level; a paracetamol-based painkiller, or hangover remedy, can be taken to help reduce the headache and other symptoms – but be careful not to exceed recommended dosages and avoid taking a combination of medicines. Check with your Day Lewis pharmacist.

Stomach upsets: Extra entertaining over the Christmas holiday means we should be careful to avoid the risks of food poisoning. Cleanliness is the key – so be meticulous about hygiene in your kitchen, and always use common sense in the way you prepare and cook food. Store all uncooked food in the refrigerator separate from cooked food; raw meat should be stored separately in the ‘fridge and should be well covered to ensure that no blood spills on to other foods. If you are planning to reuse any leftover turkey or other Christmas food remember that cooked food should never be reheated more than once – and then only if it is piping hot all the way through. If you do develop a bout of sickness, have nothing to eat until the vomiting has stopped; drink water, little and often, even if it does not stay down for long, as this will stop you getting dehydrated.

Your medicines: Do bear in mind that if you or a family member suffer from a long-standing medical condition that requires regular prescription medication, it’s a wise precaution to ensure you have sufficient supplies of any medicine over the Christmas and New Year period. Check your repeat prescription needs with your GP and Day Lewis pharmacist. And if you or your family are ill over the Christmas and New Year Bank holidays and need an urgent prescription dispensed, don’t panic – in most parts of the country, pharmacies like Day Lewis operate a rota system to ensure that patients can get medicines outside pharmacy opening hours. Details of your local pharmacy Christmas and New Year rota will be displayed on your Day Lewis pharmacy window or door – and will also be printed in local newspapers.

First aid kit: Make sure, too, that you have a selection of commonly needed over the counter medicines in your family medicine cabinet to help you cope with everyday family illness or any mishaps over the holiday. Day Lewis recommends the following items to include in your medicine cabinet over the holiday period: Paracetamol or aspirin tablets (and junior paracetamol liquid for babies and young children); plasters and bandages and liquid antiseptic and ointment; adult and children’s cough linctus and sore throat lozenges; indigestion remedy and laxative.

Don’t mix medicines and alcohol, or drink and drive! Finally, do remember that before taking any medicines this Christmas or New Year, it is a good idea to check with your Day Lewis pharmacist if it is likely to react with alcohol, or impair your driving ability. And if there is any doubt, hand over the car keys. DDD – drugs, drink and driving – can be a deadly combination!

Day Lewis pharmacies in your area are geared up to help anyone who needs friendly, accessible healthcare advice and support this Christmas – and can advise you on which medicine to take and whether it’s necessary to see your GP. The Day Lewis Pharmacy team wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season!

PMS misery

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

As a specialist healthcare agency, PRimage is well aware of the health problem of PMS and the misery that it causes for many women. We were interested to read that new research suggests that women with severe premenstrual syndrome may have a depressed nervous system.

Safe drinking – do you ignore the guidelines?

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

PRimage was interested to hear that a new government commissioned research survey shows that it’s the over-30′s who are more likely not to know their drinking limits and who ignore advice on safe alcohol levels.

Another data breach fiasco!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Judy Viitanen thinks that Gordon Brown’s Government should rightly be reeling from the latest security breach involving the missing data of over 3 million learner drivers. It totally beggers belief and PRimage totally agrees with the pithy comment made by the Conservative shadow transport secretary that the words ‘Labour’ and ‘incompetence’ are now synonymous! And as for their proposed plans for national ID cards … well, this second major data breach fiasco in a matter of weeks just proves you can’t trust this Government to safeguard your personal data …. PRimage wouldn’t trust them with our Christmas card list!

Decongestants in the clear

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

PRimage was interested to learn that in the States Government pharmaceutical advisers have said new over-the-counter cold medications from Pfizer Inc. and Wyeth probably work to unclog stuffy noses, but recommended further studies to determine whether higher doses would be even more effective.   The Food and Drug Administration called the meeting to review phenylephrine, which was recently added to many decongestants after drug companies were required to take medications containing pseudophedrine off pharmacy shelves. Pfizer’s Sudafed PE, Wyeth’s Dimetapp and and Procter & Gamble’s NyQuil are among the medicines that switched to the new ingredient from pseudophedrine. A law passed in 2006 is aimed at curbing the illegal processing of pseudophedrine into the stimulant methamphetamine.

As a specialist healthcare agency, with several pharmacy clients in our portfolio, we have worked on lobbying against the reclassification of these medicines in the UK.

Flood Fiasco

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Judy Viitanen is not suprised to see that the response to last summer’s destructive floods has been attacked by MPs, one day after an independent review praised emergency services. A report says the unseasonable wet weather exposed the “vulnerability” of key infrastructure to flooding and that there is “little evidence” of effective cooperation between the Environment Agency and other organisations. PRimage think this criticism is justified in light of the fact that the floods fiasco happened despite £483 million being spent by the agency in 2006/07 following increased funding from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs!

Having seen news reports last night of families in Hull still having to live in caravans because their flood damaged homes are uninhabitable, PRimage believe that this damage and misery is totally unacceptable and the Government needs to take urgent action to ensure flood defences are better organised in the future!

Will you pay for Christmas by credit cards?

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

PRimage was interested to read that a new research survey suggests that during this last frenetic week before the Christmas holidays shoppers will put an estimated £2.1bn on their credit cards!

‘Disgusting’ hospital food – PRimage agree!

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Judy Viitanen isn’t suprised at the findings of a new research survey which reveals that a third of hospital patients are unhappy with the ‘disgusting’ food served to them in hospital … why is it so impossible for the NHS to provide patients with well-cooked, appealing meals?

PRimage say ‘well done’ Tories!

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team have consistently supported Cameron since he was appointed Tory leader – and so we are delighted to see that the latest opinion polls now show that the Conservatives have opened up a 13 point lead over Labour. In our view he has many of the right solutions to tackle the big issues on healthcare, the econony, crime, education, the enviroment, transport and social issues.  What’s more, for us, the Tories have the right perspective on Europe!  What do you think?