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Recruitment crisis in social work – PRimage comment

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

PRimage has long been concerned by the problems and challenges faced by social workers – the recent awful tragedy of ‘Baby P’ highlighted some of the issues. Listening to BBC Radio 4′s Today programme this morning, Judy Viitanen was worried to hear warnings from the Conservative Party of a recruitment crisis in the social work profession. It seems they have obtained figures showing that eight local authorities are missing at least a third of the required number of staff!

PRimage comment on ‘memory clinics’ plan on dementia

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Today Health secretary Alan Johnson and care services minister Phil Hope launched the first national dementia strategy. We support the government’s plans to set up “memory clinics” across England to spot and treat the early signs of dementia – and PRimage believe that if implemented well, the national dementia strategy has huge potential to improve the lives of older people and their carers.

There are around 570,000 people in England with dementia, but the figure is rising as people live longer. And Judy Viitanen has learnt that the changes to life expectancy will see the cost to the economy rise from around £7bn at present to more than £50bn, as the number of sufferers doubles to 1.4m. With direct costs of dementia to the NHS currently standing at around £3.3bn per year, the new strategy is backed by an extra £150m over the first two years.