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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex! – PRimage web link of the day

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

This made Judy Viitanen smile —- and think!

PRimage suggest you click on the link below …..


Queen’s Speech uninspiring and underwhelming! PRimage comment

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

_45798146_brown55555551With less than seven months to go before the country must go to the polls, the prime minister used the state opening of parliament to showcase a series of initiatives designed to draw battle lines between the parties.  In actual fact it was a pathetic attempt to highlight Labour’s morally and financially bankrupt election manifesto!

Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team were delighted at Cameron’s scathing response to the Government’s plans outlined in today’s Queen’s Speech.  The speech set out plans to offer free social care for the most needy, make it a legal obligation to halve the budget deficit, bring in universal broadband and ratify an international ban on cluster bombs.   But – in our view, as a manifesto it is utterly uninspiring and underwhelming – and frankly is a statement of failure and an admission that they have achieved nothing in the past 13 years except to ruin the country, the NHS, education, defence, manufacturing, law & order and the Union itself.


We feel it is a disgrace that the Queen should have been used this way to launch Labour’s election campaign.  Cameron is spot on when he says that the beleaguered Brown and the Labour Party has ‘run out of courage!’  cameron-7Bring on the General Election where the people will finally have their say on this shambles of a Prime Minister and Government.  general-election1What’s your view?  Please post a comment.

NHS – Patient Rights

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

The Department of Health has issued a consultation document setting out proposals to give patients the legal right to private treatment if the NHS cannot provide care quickly enough, the right to die at home and the right to NHS dentistry.


In cases where the NHS was unable to treat patients quickly enough, staff would have to provide alternatives, such as treatment at private hospitals. The government says measures such as these will ensure patients around the country receive a more even standard of care.  As a specialist healthcare communications consultancy PRimage is cynical about this Government’s obsession on targets within the NHS.  This is why we are supportive of the e Conservative’s pledge to phase out targets – and to instead focus on measuring health outcomes.

PRimage comment: Cameron wrong to consider axing EU Referendum Pledge

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
Judy Viitanen is following the latest developments around the reported plans by David Cameron to set out a fresh stance on Europe that will involve promising in his election manifesto to repatriate certain key powers from Brussels. That’s good!   2451018However, the PRimage team are disturbed to read news reports that Cameron will renage on his pledge to hold a referendum on the Lisbon treaty!
We recall that in 2007 Cameron promised voters tht a Tory Government would hold a vote on the treaty.

We hear that the Bruges Group – a Eurosceptic think tank – believes if the reports are right, it would make Tory Europe policy ‘incoherent, disingenious and utterly unconvincing”. We agree!      3969854What’s your view? Please post a comment.



Tories unveil health manifesto with five key pledges for NHS

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

cameron-8Judy Viitanen closely follows Conservative health policies – and keeps her fingers crossed that we will have a Tory Government after the Spring General Election!  So, Judy and the PRimage team were interested that in keynote speech this morning, David Cameron has stepped up his bid to make the Tories the party of the NHS by promising reforms to cut costs and extend “patient power”. He also pledged he would rename the Department of Health to ensure that it is committed to improving the health of the entire nation.

The Tory leader set out his vision for the health service, as the party published its five key priorities.  He’s said that a  Conservative Government would overhaul the controversial Choose and Book system to include new providers and allow GPs to refer patients to named consultants, it emerged today, as the Conservative party published its plans for the NHS.

These pledges are the Tories most detailed summary yet of what its policies will mean for the health service – and they have also reiterated their promise to renegotiate the GP contract and ‘propel forward’ GP commissioning.

In brief, the Conservatives promised to ramp up patients’ ‘freedom to choose’ as part of its first pledge, creating a ‘patient-led NHS’, and said it would ‘restructure’ Choose and Book to give patients greater choice, ‘for example over which consultant a patients wants to be referred to.’

But the five pledges – which also include measuring health outcomes, putting healthcare professionals in charge of delivering care, focusing Government action on improving public health and reforming long-term care – also draw together a series of radical proposals to shake-up primary care, which have been previously been only hinted at.

These include a firm commitment to renegotiate the GP contract, open up the primary care sector to ‘new providers’ and give real budgets and commissioning powers to GPs.

Cameron said: ‘The Conservatives understand that competition isn’t a dirty word – in fact, it is the key to better healthcare for everyone, To make this competition really mean something, commissioning by GPs won’t be stalled – it will be propelled forward. A good GP is more than a doctor – they are someone you trust to guide you through some of the most difficult decisions of your life. We will give GPs real control over their budgets, lettering them negotiate contracts with service providers so they get the best deal for their patients and allowing them to reinvest any savings they make.’

Other key pledges included slashing NHS bureaucracy by a third in four years – equivalent to £1.5bn savings – and introducing an autonomy and accountability bill to establish an independent NHS board.