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PRimage views on Chancellor’s Pre-Budget Report

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

alistair_darlingAs the owner of a small business PRimage managing director, Judy Viitanen is pleased that Mr Darling is giving small businesses a helping hand by extending finance to small firms.  Clearly holding off the planned 1p rise in small companies’ Corporation Tax will give small businesses like PRimage a chance to expand and invest – and this can improve their economic prospects – and hopefully cope with the recession. But during this very difficult economic climate PRimage believes that the Government should be making it as easy as possible for small firms to recruit new staff.  So we’re disappointed that there was no focus in the budget on providing incentives or assistance to the smallest firms that want to take on more staff and so tackle the rising problem of unemployment. Going ahead with the proposed 0.5 per cent increase in employers’ National Insurance Contributions will not encourage job creation within the small firm sector.


It’s disillusioning though that, instead of a budget to address our serious financial situation, – £178 billion borrowing this year – we have a budget attempting to save New Labour’s skin!!  Sadly, this government has simply run out of credible ideas that will get the economy moving again and will attract money into the country.


On a lighter note, Judy laughed out loud at the announcement that Bingo duty is to be cut from 22% to 20% J