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It’s good to talk! PRimage on women and mobile phones ….

Sunday, September 25th, 2011
Despite all the usual jokes and gender stereotypes of women talking on the phone all the time, when it comes to mobile cell phones men are more likely to place a call according to a new Pew Research study: Fascinating!
Seems that on average, male cell phone users place 13.8 calls perday, compared to only 10.8 for women.

Facebook at the intersection of technology and social issues – PRimage view

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Judy Viitanen spent several hours watching the live feed on the keynote FB f8 Conference.  Her verdict: awesome! lol

PRimage rate Bret Taylor, Facebook CTO as the star of the show Conference – and he gave a great presentation! He explained to the assembled crowd of developers how this will actually work. It’s going to take some time for Timelines to roll out to Facebook’s huge user base, he said.

“Adding an app to your timeline is a real-time experience,” Taylor said. When a user discovers an app, either through a friend’s timeline or through a brand’s Facebook page, they just click on a button that says “add to Timeline.” It’s not clear whether users will be given any kind of warning as to what types of information the app will be able to access from your Facebook account, which is what happens now when you go to install an app on your Facebook profile.

Six different layout styles will be available to developers for choosing how they want to present the social content within their app, and the best apps will be the ones that were designed for sharing from the first line of code, Taylor said.

App discovery is always a huge problem in this modern app world, and Facebook has come up with an artificial intelligence engine called Graph Rank that helps order apps and app activity. App developers will be able to see which parts of their app are resonating with users and which parts are duds, allowing developers to fine-tune their apps based on that feedback.

Facebook’s Open Graph, allows developers to build social applications on top of Facebook’s technology.  The “lifestyle apps” let Facebook users share activity around exercise, cooking, travel, and the like.

Apps in Timelines: Facebook has changed the way that third-party apps display content in your timeline, rather than forcing the user to create boxes to display their favorite apps, Zuckerberg said.

Timeline will be available as a beta for developers as of the end of this keynote, and it will start rolling out to everybody over the next few weeks. The new apps described above will arrive along with Timeline, so it sounds like this will be a gradual process. Certain news-reader and music apps will launch right away.

Zuckerberg finished off talking about Intel (and Moore’s Law), and how that concept of pushing the envelope and finding out what’s possible set the direction for the technology industry. Facebook sees itself as a bridge between the technology industry and social issues, he said, and it will allow the company a unique viewpoint into what’s coming down the road.


Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Lots of media hype, speculation and rumours this morning on Facebook’s f8 developers conference in San Francisco. PRimage can hear the haters whining already!  Judy Viitanen and the team are struggling not to bitch too much about the new real-time news ticker ….

Looks like much of the focus on their changes will be their priority to become the social layer that supports, powers and connects every single piece of the web, no matter who or what it is or where it lives.  Seems it all boils down to one problem: emotion. Facebook has hundreds of millions of users and spectacular levels of engagement, but it is a platform that has lost its emotional resonance over the years. More and more people visit Facebook out of necessity rather than desire. It’s a platform people prefer to hate, but won’t leave simply because all their friends are there.

That’s why Facebook launched three very recent changes: revamped Friend Lists, a real-time news ticker, and the subscribe button. Friend Lists lets you share content with just your closest friends (with whom you have the strongest emotional connection), and the ticker lets you have real-time conversations with your friends as soon as they do anything. Subscribe lets you fill your News Feed with people you admire and respect, fostering a different type of emotional connection.

So, the betting money on the changes Facebook will roll out a f8 today are all about their mission to enhance the emotional connection its users have to each other through Facebook. These changes will make Facebook a place where nearly everything in your life is enhanced by your social graph. These changes will make it so you know your friends better than you ever thought you could!

Watch this space!