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Twitter is Tops! – Big ‘like’ from PRimage

Monday, October 31st, 2011

PRimage loves Twitter …. So as a keen social media follower and practitioner, Judy Viitanen was interested to read that Twitter led all social networks in the percentage increase of sharing by members from launch until now, according to an infographic released in October 2011 by Unruly Media. Analysis by Unruly Media indicates that from its inception until now, shares on Twitter grew an astounding 35,356%. This was more than six times the 5,809% growth in Facebook Likes.

Other social media networks with substantial increases in shares since their launch include LinkedIn (3,226%), StumbleUpon (2,912%) and Tumblr (1,142%).

PRimage photo-message!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Judy Viitanen’s reaction: “So true!” ……

Social media start-ups and investment opps – Talk to PRimage!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

With the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, etc, social media is a rapidly expanding industry – and one where Judy Viitanen and PRimage do a lot of work and have interests in. It is also an area which offers great opportunities for angel investors. The decline in operational costs for running social media is an important factor for attracting angel investors, as the expenses for storage, processing power and web-based computing continue to lower.  Significantly, social media allows start-ups to actively test new products and ideas with users throughout.

Many social media start-up businesses may eventually require a large capital input, like Facebook needed to reach its current size.  But in the early stages of angel investment, most social media products just need a minor investment to get up and running. Our PRimage advice to social media entrepreneurs is to keep their business senses realistic and make sure their model is sound.

If you need good marketing messaging and PR for your social media work – or are interested in investing in entrepreneurial social media start-ups, please get in touch with Judy at PRimage – judy@primage.org