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Get ready for the smoking ban – you can quit and win!

Smoking cessation advice from your local Day Lewis Pharmacist: We are all aware of the dangers of smoking: smoking kills 120,000 people prematurely and is responsible for many diseases, including cancers, heart disease and stroke. But the good news is that by giving up smoking, you will reduce your risk of getting most of these diseases. The Day Lewis Pharmacy Group, which has 162 community pharmacies in local communities around the country, provides comprehensive smoking cessation services to its customers – and is keen to help anyone who needs expert, friendly advice and sustained support to stop smoking. As the clock ticks down to the ban on smoking in public places, the message from your Day Lewis pharmacist is: “plan ahead and let me help you stub out your cigarette addiction.”

Peter Glover, the Day Lewis Superintendent Pharmacist, comments: “With the smoking ban in England starting on July 1st, this is an excellent and timely moment to make the decision to ‘quit and win’. Our Day Lewis pharmacies in your area are geared up to helping their customers ‘quit and win’, offering free advice and support on giving up smoking – so why not pop in to your local Day Lewis branch and have a confidential chat to our pharmacists?. Stopping smoking has major and immediate health benefits for men and women of all ages. These benefits apply to people with and without smoking-related diseases. As a healthcare professional, I can assure you that it really is worth having a go.”

The Day Lewis Pharmacy Group offers the following advice and tips that can help you stay focussed and succeed for good:

Day Lewis Advice: Don’t wait until it is too late to quit. Learn the facts about smoking today.

Your chances of getting lung cancer are 10 times greater than a non-smoker. You are twice as likely to have a heart attack. Cigarette smoking is strongly linked with emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Cigarette smoke contains about 4,000 chemicals. Many are poisonous and over 40 of them are linked to cancer. Pregnant women who smoke increase their risk of having a stillborn or low birth weight infant. Cigarette smoke is harmful to everyone who inhales it, including those who do not smoke themselves. Children of smokers are twice as likely to pick up the habit when they grow older.

Most smokers would like to quit and many have tried on a number of occasions. But what should you do when you’ve made the decision to quit? Day Lewis Advice: Get ready to quit. Find out if you have what it takes to stop smoking. Do you want to stop smoking? Are you willing to make some changes in your daily routine? Are you prepared to deal with some challenging moments once you make the commitment to quit?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are ready to stop smoking now, with the help of the free smoking cessation services and advice on offer at your local Day Lewis pharmacy.

Day Lewis Advice: Develop a plan. Take control of your addiction today. Contact your local Day Lewis Pharmacy for one to one support or join a local stop smoking clinic. Being with other people who are also stopping smoking provides all-important mutual support. Try using nicotine replacement products – they can improve your chances of stopping smoking by up to 4 times. Your Day Lewis pharmacist can answer any questions you may have, and will recommend a nicotine replacement (NRT) product that’s right for you. Pick a day to stop smoking. Tell your family and friends about your plans. You will need their encouragement when you feel the urge to light up. Get rid of all your cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays since you will no longer need them. Be prepared to feel the urge to light up. The urge will be strong at first, but will later diminish.

Day Lewis Advice: You will feel the benefits of quitting straight away as your body repairs itself. Depending on the number of cigarettes you smoke, typical benefits of stopping are:

After twelve hours almost all of the nicotine is out of your system. After twenty-four hours the level of carbon monoxide in your blood has dropped dramatically. You now have more oxygen in your bloodstream. After five days most nicotine by-products have gone. Within days your sense of taste and smell improves. Within a month your blood pressure returns to its normal level and your immune system begins to show signs of recovery. Within two months your lungs will no longer be producing extra phlegm caused by smoking. After twelve months your increased risk of dying from heart disease is half that of a continuing smoker.After ten years of stopping your risk of lung cancer is less than half that of a continuing smoker and continues to decline (provided the disease is not already present). After fifteen years your risk of heart attack and stroke is almost the same as that of a person who has never smoked.

Peter Glover adds: “Although there is no magic way to stop smoking, research shows people are more likely to successfully quit if they have sought help from their pharmacist. And our Day Lewis pharmacists are ready and willing to help you today!. The Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) available from our pharmacies includes patches, lozenges, inhalers, tablets and chewing gum in varying strengths. You will find that these products can help you to quit by easing the nicotine withdrawal symptoms, such as cravings and mood changes, while you break your smoking habits and learn new ways to cope. So ask one of our pharmacists how NRT works and whether it is an option for you. They will help you choose the best product for you and will continue to encourage and support you over the next few months. Good luck!”

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