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Will the Conservative’s prescription for the NHS be ‘good medicine’? « PRImage

Will the Conservative’s prescription for the NHS be ‘good medicine’?

Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team hope so! We believe that the Tories really stand a good chance to win public and health professionals’ support with their bold plans to scrap all central NHS targets and hand millions of patients “individual budgets” to buy health services. In our view, it appears to tick all the right boxes – and attempts to address core issues within the currently beleagured NHS. We hope that this Tory vision on the health service will reassure the public that the Conservatives are now the party voters most trust on health.

PRimage understand that the ambitious blueprint will also set out plans to put senior doctors in charge of local budgets to ensure that money is spent on the basis of local priorities. This is an excellent idea! And the Tory health team have built in checks and balances by stating that these clinicians – to be known as primary care commissioners – will face pay cuts if they deliver “poor services” to patients. Judy Viitanen believes the Tory pledge to “link the salaries of primary care commissioners to the actual outcomes they deliver for patients and the experiences patients have of the care they receive” is spot-on. It is absolutely right that if they fail to provide acceptable services, their pay will be cut.

The proposals will also extend the patient choice agenda, with people being able to choose to be treated in any hospital – either NHS or private – as long as it delivers care which is at or above health service standards and at or below NHS costs. More information will be revealed today, when Cameron’s excellent shadow health secretary, Andrew Lansley, details the plans in their white paper on health: ‘NHS Autonomy and Accountability’. Watch this space for more updates – and do let us know your views and reactions.

PRimage comment:

PRimage has now seen and read the Tory White Paper – and we are even more supportive of their plans for the NHS.  Judy Viitanen believes that patients are the most important focus for all sectors of primary and secondary care in the NHS – and is delighted that the Tories recognize this, by putting their plans and focus on outcomes for patients

It’s also welcome news that Labour’s disastrous obsession with a ‘target driven’ NHS culture is not acceptable to the Tories.

PRimage totally agrees with the comments on the current state of our nation’s health services, made by Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley at today’s launch of the Conservative’s ‘NHS Autonomy and Accountability White Paper.

He said: “For two years, we have urged the Government to bring forward coherent reform. Instead, we’ve got botched re-organisations, chronic management failure, a dysfunctional team at the Department of Health, demoralised NHS staff and patients have paid the price.”

Do you agree with him?

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