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Pharmacy multipes unite to fight crystal meth misuse in the UK « PRImage

Pharmacy multipes unite to fight crystal meth misuse in the UK

PRimage client, The Company Chemists’ Association (CCA), and The Association of Independent Multiples (AIMp), have joined forces to play their part in combatting any potential spread of crystal meth misuse in the UK, and to campaign to keep pseudoephedrine as a Pharmacy-only (P) medicine.

The two bodies, who between them represent nearly 60% of all UK pharmacies, have signed up to a shared package of non-statutory preventative measures, which will further enhance the stringent ‘pharmacy controls’ already in place.

As a specialist healthcare communications consultant, Judy Viitanen is aware that although there is currently no major evidence of the meth problem taking hold in the UK – not least because of our existing stringent pharmacy controls – it is a potential problem issue. This is why it’s important that pharmacy bodies, such as the CCA, act in advance to protect public health while ensuring that consumers continue to have access to very safe and effective remedies.

These preventative measures include sales restrictions for pseudoephedrine and ephedrine products limited to one whole pack per transaction; plus keeping products containing pseudoephedrine or ephedrine behind the counter and not available for self-selection, thus reducing any opportunity for theft of quantities that might make home production viable. AIMp and CCA members plan to implement this element voluntarily.

Further measures proposed involve implementing a robust awareness programme for all those involved in the sales of OTC medicines.  AIMp and the CCA are advocating that all staff involved in the sale of OTC medicines should undertake this programme, which will be along the lines of those implemented in other countries. 

Judy Viitanen and the PR image team agree with the AIMp and CCA belief that these preventative measures, if pursued proactively, will protect the public’s health.  We applaud them for this initiative, which we believe demonstrates clearly and unambiguously to Government and regulators that pseudoephedrine is in the safest place in pharmacy’s hands.

Judy Viitanen believes that Parliamentarians and the public should be reassured at the pharmacy multiples commitment to continue to champion this issue, and their determination to protect the public’s interest on all levels.

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