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Go smoke-free on July 1 – Day Lewis Pharmacies can help!

With just a few days to go before the July 1 ban on smoking in public places in England is due to come into effect, PRimage client, the Day Lewis Pharmacy Group, has this message to smokers who are planning to stub out their habit : “Let us help you go smoke-free!”

The pharmacists at the162 Day Lewis Pharmacies around the country have already helped thousands quit – and the company is keen to help even more people improve their health and lead a more active lifestyle. Day Lewis hope that by providing this service, they will be helping to reduce the risk of cancer and other smoking related diseases, as well as helping to make England’s air cleaner.

Peter Glover, the Day Lewis Superintendent Pharmacist, comments: “A new survey published by the government shows that eight out of ten people support the introduction of this new law – and we expect that a lot of smokers will now be considering giving up. If so, it’s worth remembering that you are four times more likely to quit using a pharmacy stop smoking service and Nicotine Replacement Therapy than willpower alone.”

Peter adds:“Our Day Lewis pharmacies in your area provide comprehensive, free smoking cessation services and advice to their customers – and our pharmacists are geared up, ready and willing to help anyone who needs friendly, accessible advice and sustained support to ‘quit and win’. So why not pop in to your local Day Lewis branch and have a confidential chat to our pharmacists?  Stopping smoking has major and immediate health benefits for men and women of all ages. These benefits apply to people with and without smoking-related diseases. As a healthcare professional, I can assure you that it really is worth having a go. Good luck!”  

PRimage comment:

PRimage MD, Judy Viitanen is already using nicotine patches to help her quit her 20 cigarettes a day habit – and is finding them very helpful.   And with the smoking ban being implemented in England on Sunday 1 July, she would encourage other smokers who are thinking of quitting to consider NRT products.  From her experience, they  can help you to quit by easing the nicotine withdrawal symptoms, such as cravings and mood changes, while you break your smoking habits and learn new ways to cope.



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