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Hewitt to stand down as Health Secretary!

For all those like Judy Viitanen and PRimage, who have despaired at her inept handling of the NHS, it is welcome news that Pat Hewitt is to stand down as Health Secretary. No official announcement as yet on her replacement — but the pundits suggest Alan Johnson as a key contender.  As a specialist healthcare communications and public affairs consultant, Judy Viitanen rates him very highly – he’s a very able parliamentarian – and PRimage think he would be a safe and experienced choice for the Health portfolio.  But our personal choice for Health Secretary would be Caroline Flint, the current Public Health Minister.  She’s got a great track-record of achievement and success in delivering on the crucial area of public health. 

It appears that in a letter to the new Prime Minister, Ms Hewitt said she had decided to step down from Government so she could give more time to her “constituency and family”. Although Mr Brown had offered to keep her in the Cabinet she felt it was the “right moment” to go.

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Thank goodness the ghastly ‘nanny Hewitt’ is going!  As Judy Viitanen has commented in recent blogs, she was hotly tipped to be the first head to roll in Brown’s cabinet reshuffle.  Many health professionals will be relieved that she will no longer be at the helm of the DoH and NHS.  PRimage think that very few will miss her!  Watch this space for more updates on the new Cabinet appointments ….

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