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Appalling £202m drugs wastage in hospitals! « PRImage

Appalling £202m drugs wastage in hospitals!

As a specialist healthcare communications consultant, Judy Viitanen was disturbed to learn that last year, 824 tons of medication was dumped by the Health Service because the use-by date had expired – costing the taxpayer around £202million.

PRimage believe that at a time when many hospitals have been cutting jobs to save money and rationing lifesaving drugs because they are not “cost-effective”, this action is alarming and that the loss of one-fifth of a billion pounds from the NHS each year is a worry for us all and affects the poorest and those most in need most severely.

Judy and the PRimage team agree with the comments made by Tory MP, Grant Shapps, who discovered these figures when he was looking at primary care trusts to determine the amount of waste in the NHS. He said: “While Department of Health spending has undoubtedly risen over the last five years, these increases have invariably been accompanied by disproportionately large growth in waste and inefficiency.”

What’s your view?

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