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Do GP services need an overhaul? « PRImage

Do GP services need an overhaul?

Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team agree with the recent CBI report, which calls for a “thorough overhaul” of family doctor services. It appears that the system is leading to millions of lost working days, and the cost to the economy of restricted opening times, difficulty in booking appointments and the “limited number of services on offer in many GP surgeries” is over £1 billion! Aside from the impact on patients, who need spedy treatment when they are unwell, PRimage believe that this has major social, financial and business impacts – and needs to be resolved.

One solution mooted is that patients should be able to register at more than one surgery so they could visit a doctor close to where they work in a bid to speed up treatment. This makes sound sense: providing patients with a convenient and flexible option. What’s your view? Do you agree that GP services are not working effectively?

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