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Pharmacies provide easy access to healthcare! « PRImage

Pharmacies provide easy access to healthcare!

PRimage has several pharmacy clients – and our consumer messaging highlights that community pharmacies are ‘the front door to the NHS’ – open 6 days a week for healthcare advice and medicines…. with no appointment needed! So Judy Viitanen was encouraged to read that the CBI’s report, Just What The Patient Ordered, acknowledged that more over-the-counter advice from pharmacists would help break the link between where people lived and their access to healthcare.

Absolutely! Independent research studies consistently reveal that the public view their local pharmacy as the most convenient place to get accessible and expert healthcare advice …. so let’s see the Government making more use of pharmacist’s skills and accessability!

PRimage believe that some useful coutcomes¬†for pharmacy could possibly¬†arise from the Government’s recent decision to convene a conference of NHS trusts, charities and private companies to work out how patients could access GP services near their place of work or gym during the day, or near their home during evenings and weekends. Two major UK pharmacy chains – Boots and Lloydspharmacy – have told officials they are interested in challenging the traditional service run by local GP partnerships. The companies could be contracted to provide free services to patients, using salaried doctors and nurses, or paid for making consultation areas available in their stores, with medical staff provided by the local primary care trust. Watch this space …

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