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Is the NHS IT system really secure? … « PRImage

Is the NHS IT system really secure? …

Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team have previously expressed concerns on our company blog site about the progress of the NHS IT system and the possible erosion of patient confidentiality. So the latest news of a celebrity whose medical records were illicitly viewed by more than 50 members of an NHS hospital’s staff again raises doubts about the security of the government’s ¬£12.4bn scheme to upgrade the NHS’s IT systems.

The prying was revealed in board papers for North Tees primary care trust as a warning to managers to tighten procedures requiring doctors and nurses to log on individually before being allowed access to sensitive personal material.

The NHS Connecting for Health project includes plans for GPs to upload the medical records of more than 50 million patients in England on to a national electronic database. The initial aim is to make a summary of each patient’s medical notes available to hospital staff or paramedics treating the patient in an emergency. …. However, PRimage is somewhat sceptical at the Government’s claim that systems for accessing patient records online are secure. And MPs also¬† raised the issue of security in a report published last week on progress on the system. What’s your view?

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