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Health and Social Care Bill – PRimage comments

Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team studied the details of the Health and Social Bill, which was announced in today’s Queen’s Speech, with great interest. The Bill will create the Care Quality Commission – which will be a new health and adult social care regulator. The Commission will be equipped with new powers, backed by fines, to intervene where hospitals fail to meet hygiene standards.

PRimage believe that the creation of this new Commission is good news for patients – and we are also heartened to see the Government’s stated committment to reforming the funding of social care.

The Bill will require the General Medical Council and other health bodies to use civil standard of proof in disciplining professionals. Healthcare organisations will be obliged to appoint a ‘responsible officer’ that works with the GMC and handles cases of poor professional performance by doctors.

In light of all the problems and public concern over superbugs and hospital acquired infections, PRimage welcome the fact that there will be a strengthened approach to infectious diseases and contamination, updating legislation to take into account scientific and international developments.

The Bill will also¬†implement, following the inquiry into the case of Harold Shipman, the Government’s manifesto commitment to strengthen clinical governance and to ensure professional activity is more accountable to the public.¬† In PRimage’s view, this is crucial!

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