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Contraceptive Pill from Pharmacies – PRimage hope so! « PRImage

Contraceptive Pill from Pharmacies – PRimage hope so!

PRimage was interested to learn that the contraceptive Pill could be bought from local pharmacies without seeing a doctor and without a prescription under a proposed change in the law. This move has been called for by Baroness Finlay, President of the Royal Society of Medicine. Lady Finlay wants an amendment to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill to change where oral contraceptives can be given out – and she is seeking an MP to table the amendment, which it is thought would have a large amount of support in the Commons.

Judy Viitanen believes this would be a very sensible solution – and it would certainly make it easier for the four million women who take the Pill because pharmacies are more convenient than going to see a GP. PRimage totally agrees with Lady Finlay’s comment that she was sure that a pharmacist was capable of questioning patients to ensure the Pill was the right choice for them.

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