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25 million identities ‘lost: PRimage view – what a blunder! « PRImage

25 million identities ‘lost: PRimage view – what a blunder!

Like most people, the PRimage team are appalled that a government agency has lost the entire child benefit database in the post … it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘lost in the post’! These lost details represent every individual who has claimed child benefit in the UK, including their children’s names and home addresses – which could leave 25 million people at risk of ID fraud. Security experts have expressed astonishment that the missing child benefit data discs were not encrypted before being copied on to CDs and put in the post. Judy Viitanen believes it’s not enough for chancellor Alistair Darling to say that this represented an “extremely serious failure”, but that there was no evidence the details had fallen into the wrong hands. What’s your view on this monumental blunder?

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