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Obesity strategy – PRimage hope the £372 million investment succeeds « PRImage

Obesity strategy – PRimage hope the £372 million investment succeeds

As a specialist healthcare PR and lobbying agency, PRimage applaud the Government’s plans for a cross-society obesity strategy and campaign to tackle the UK’s growing obesity problem, which will aim to improve the healthy growth and development of children; promote healthier food choices; build physical activity into everyday lives; create incentives for better health; and create personalise advice and support.

Judy Viitanen and PRimage have often commented on this vital pubic health issue on our company blog, and lobbied for this ‘obesity time-bomb’ to be addressed, because we believe that the increasing level of obesity in this country poses a huge threat to public health, as well as major costs to the NHS.

So it’s welcome news that various government departments will work together in a concerted effort to tackle obesity and encourage healthier lifestyles from birth into adulthood. We were alarmed by a major report last year which warned that if current lifestyles continue about a quarter of children, 60 per cent of men and 50 per cent of women will be obese by 2050. At these levels obesity is projected to cost society £45.5 billion a year – which PRimage believes puts the Government’s £372 million investment in its new obesity strategy in perspective. In our view, it’s long-overdue – so we hope it succeeds. Do you agree? We want to hear your views.

Judy Viitanen also believes that it’s vital that the food and drink industry also work closely with the Government on the healthier food choices element of this initiative.

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