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Tories commit to raise NHS spending – PRimage comment

Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team read Andrew Lansley’s interview in The Times this morning with interest and enthusiasm – and are delighted with his plans for our beleagured health service. Shadow Health Secretary, Mr Lansley, who was recently guaranteed his post by Mr Cameron until the next election and beyond, commented that spending on the NHS could rise by up to £28 billion a year under a Conservative government and gave a long-term commitment that under the Tories health spending will rise to take up an extra 2 per cent of GDP.

As a specialist healthcare PR and public affairs consultancy, PRimage view is that the NHS must change in the coming years to reflect the fast changing nature of medicine and society, so the Tories commitment to the NHS is very welcome news. It is the most explicit pledge to increase spending on the NHS since David Cameron became Tory leader and takes the party into territory beyond current Labour commitments. We also note that Mr Lansley’s comments align the Tories for the first time to the projections of the Government’s own health adviser, which Labour ministers have yet formally to match.

PRimage believe the Conservatives are fast emerging as strong and credible contenders to replace Labour as the party of the NHS! Do you agree?

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