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Dental crisis – pharmacy a possible solution? PRimage agree! « PRImage

Dental crisis – pharmacy a possible solution? PRimage agree!

Judy Viitanen has often commented on this PRimage blog site about the growing crisis and problems in accessing dental services – so the PRimage team was interested to learn that the Conservatives have proposed ideas to allow community pharmacies to run clinics for dental hygienists. The shadow Tory health spokesperson, Mike Penning (a well-respected local MP for the PRimage team) has said he would abolish the law by which patients would need to have to a referral from a dentist to see a dental hygienist from “day one” of the Conservatives taking office. He commented to pharmacy trade magazine, C&D: “It would be entirely up to the businesses themselves, but I would like to see Boots or Lloyds using their premises to offer clinics by dental hygienists,”. He added that making dental hygiene clinics available on the high street would tackle the failure of the government to provide dental care for over a million patients who cannot get on NHS dental lists.

As a specialist healthcare PR and communications consultancy, PRimage has client interests in both pharmacy and dentistry: we think Mike Penning’s suggestion is a sensible solution – and certainly worth scoping by community pharmacy. PRimage client, the Company Chemists’ Association, says that its members (the UK’s pharmacy multiples) would consider the suggestion “like any investment decision”.What’s your view?

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