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High tax = low growth: PRimage view

Yes, PRimage know we are in the midst of a worldwide credit crunch and yes, we know that Cameron and his crew want to appear to be fiscally responsible, but the PRimage team can’t help but feel that the Tories are totally blinkered to say so emphatically that they would not introduce any tax cuts in their first term of office. As yesterday’s YouGov opinion poll shows, voters are totally fed up with this high taxing, stealth tax grabbing Labour Government! Conservatives now have a whopping 16% lead over Labour: and they should capitalise on this by listening to the public – and realise that to ensure a Conservative victory, cost and tax cutting must be promised and that promise must be kept. Otherwise Brown and co are going to be re-elected, or the alternative scenario: a hung Parliament at the next General Election – which will benefit no one! What’s your opinion? Post a comment

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