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Polyclinics pros and cons – PRimage comment

In recent months Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team have been following with great interest the political sagas and comments about the proposals by Health Minister, Lord Darzi to create so-called ‘polyclinics,’ which are effectively super-surgeries, housing GPs alongside other services such as hospital care, physiotherapists and social services – and which would involve several GPs and other health workers working together. Last week the British Medical Association said polyclinics were being forced on to the NHS even when there was no need for them.

So we were interested to read recent comments from Professor Martin Roland, of Manchester University, who believes that the government’s drive to push care out of hospitals and into new polyclinics is flawed. PRimage agree!

After studying pilot schemes, Prof. Roland said focusing GP care in polyclinics would harm patient choice. But the government said polyclinics would not be forced on authorities. Health Minister Lord Darzi said: “We are not imposing polyclinics on anyone. The 150 health centres announced in the NHS Next Stage Review Interim Report are additional, new capacity, and we have not suggested merging small practices.” He said it would be up to primary care trusts to decide what was best for the communities they served. Lord Darzi added: “People want healthcare that is more personalised and convenient…This is about the local NHS making changes that suit people’s needs: clinically led, locally driven and putting the public first.”

What’s your view on polyclinics? Please post a comment.

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