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Play Safe With Your Children’s Medicines! – Advice from your Day Lewis Pharmacist

Your local Day Lewis Pharmacist is aware that many parents of toddlers and young children will be worried and concerned at today’s news that the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the UK has banned the sale of over the counter cough and cold medicines for babies and young children under the age of 2 as a precautionary measure against accidental overdose because of an increase in reports of adverse reactions linked to overdose. *

Day Lewis has issued the following advice and guidance to parents, customers and patients: “There is no need for parents to panic. The MHRA ban is a precautionary measure and the medicines are not dangerous. But if you are worried, and want to know more, advice is close at hand – at your local Day Lewis Pharmacy. Your Day Lewis pharmacist can explain the guidelines to you, answer your questions and concerns, advise you on the best treatment for your child’s cough and cold symptoms and help you choose a safe over the counter medicine, if necessary”.

In an interview with PRimage, Day Lewis Superintendent Pharmacist, Peter Glover, gives further reassurance to worried parents, saying: “There’s nothing wrong with these medicines – the danger occurs when a child is given too much of the cough medicine, or has more than one at the same time. Small children are more at risk of overdose because of their smaller size. Have a word with your Day Lewis pharmacist, who can reassure you and answer your concerns. Our pharmacists are friendly and expert health care professionals, always available and happy to answer your questions. They can help you find ways to make your child more comfortable when he or she is unwell or has to take medication.”

Peter adds: “At Day Lewis, we understand that every child is unique and may react to medication differently. So our pharmacists can help you tailor the treatment to suit your child’s needs. And our pharmacists can also advise you about safe, non-prescription, over-the-counter drugs that can ease your child’s discomfort. To help parents better understand the medicines they give to their children, Day Lewis has produced this handy advice guide: Play Safe with Your Children’s Medicines.”

Do not give your child products with Aspirin unless your doctor says so. It has been linked to a rare but serious illness called Reye’s syndrome in children and teenagers. Ask your Day Lewis pharmacist to advise you on a suitable children’s over the counter analgesic product. Never share prescription medications with other children, even if they have the same illness. If your child has been prescribed an antibiotic make sure she or he finishes the entire course of medication, even if they feel better within a couple of days. Keep all medications locked away and out of the reach of children. Despite the best care, accidents do happen. Keep the telephone numbers of your Day Lewis pharmacy and doctor on or near your telephone.

PRimage MD, Judy Viitanen suggests that when you pick up your child’s prescription, or visit the Day Lewis pharmacy to buy an over the counter medicine for your child, remember to ask these questions – which will help your child get the most benefit from his or her medication. How much medication should I give my child? When should I give the medication? Is there a way to make it easier for my child to take the medication? How long should I continue giving the medication? Where should I keep the medication? What side effects should I watch for? What should I do if my child spits up the medication or misses a dose? How do I tell if the medication is working? Or is not working? When should I take my child to see the doctor?

With 165 pharmacy outlets in local communities around the country, the Day Lewis Pharmacy Group is committed to ensuring their customers health and wellbeing – and they believe it is very important that patients understand how to use their prescription and over the counter medicines correctly. Their message to parents is – “Please tell your pharmacist about all medications your child is taking, including over the counter and herbal preparations. Alert your pharmacist to any allergies or other health problems your child has. Check with your pharmacist before mixing your child’s medication with food or liquids. Some medications may not work when mixed with something else. Follow your pharmacist’s advice, always read the medicine label and above all, follow the usage and dosage instructions to the letter.”

Remember, by talking to your Day Lewis Pharmacist you can make sure your child gets the most benefit from his or her medication.

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