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Thatcher greatest post-war PM – PRimage agree!

PRimage have always contended that Lady Thatcher’s three administrations transformed post-war Britain – so we are interested and pleased to see that a new YouGov opinion poll in today’s Daily Telegraph reveals that Britons consider Margaret Thatcher to be the country’s greatest post-war prime minister!  Although the PRimage team are politically neutral for our public affairs and political lobbying work, on a personal level managing director Judy Viitanen and the team are strong Conservative supporters and fans of Lady Thatcher (and of the Tory leader, David Cameron – who we feel is doing a great job, as shown by the Tories well-deserved lead over Labour in recent opinion polls).  

And with our strong links with America, PRimage can report that Lady Thatcher is still greatly admired across the pond as well!

At PRimage we have long recognised and applauded her key achievements. Notably, in curbing the power of the trade unions, through a series of reforms on secondary picketing and the closed shop that Labour has never reversed, her programme of privatising previously state-owned industries, and her stand against the Soviet Union alongside Ronald Reagan that helped win the Cold War.

PRimage MD Judy Viitanen was inspired to get actively involved in local and national politics and serve as Conservative District Counciller by her admiration for many of Mrs Thatcher’s policies in the 1980′s. As a District Councillor, Judy saw first hand the benefits of Thatcher’s innovative ‘right to buy’ council housing policy – which enabled many former council tenants to become home-owners for the first time. Judy also witnessed first hand the riots in the Council Chamber at St Albans District Council (which made front-page headlines) over the ill-fated introduction of the Poll Tax in 1990! Sadly, the much-hated Poll Tax was a decision that precipitated Thatcher’s political downfall.

PRimage recognise that for many Labour supporters, Lady T is a divisive figure – but PRimage take a realistic and objective viewpoint that the Thatcherite legacy continues to shape Britain: it positively altered the political axis from state-centred collectivism to private enterprise and the free market …. and, most importantly, it influenced the Labour Party to abandon old-style socialism.   From a PR image and public affairs perspective Judy believes that it’s some accolade that this opinion poll shows Lady Thatcher’s enduring political appeal with the public …. and that Maggie at her peak would sweep to power in a general election held today!

Do you agree?

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