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Brown’s bad poll ratings continue – PRimage comment

The start of a new week and things are not looking good for our PM, as he faces setbacks with poor poll ratings, which PRimage believe will severely dent his political reputation and image.

Judy Viitanen read the Sunday Times YouGov opinion poll yesterday, which showed that Gordon Brown’s personal popularity rating has fallen further and faster than any other British prime minister since polling began in the 1930s! Judy Viitanen is sure that Downing Street must be alarmed at the fact that since Brown took over from Blair last summer, his personal rating has fallen from plus 48 last August to minus 37 on a zero midpoint scale!!

And it gets worse: reading the Financial Times this morning, the PRimage team learn that a new FT poll reveals that Gordon Brown and the Labour government is losing its much-trumpeted reputation for economic competence. So PRimage is not surprised to hear today that Shadow Chancellor George Osborne pins the blame for the present economic crisis on Gordon Brown. According to the FT, Brown is less trusted to steer his country through the global financial crisis than any other major western European leader!. Judy believes that voters are clearly loosing any faith or confidence they reviously had in the PM – and that these poor poll ratings must surely be a real body blow to his previously much vaunted reputation for economic competence. Has Brown lost his grip? What’s your view?

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