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Hay Fever Help – Advice from your Day Lewis Pharmacist

Do you suffer from hay fever? Has the recent warm weather triggered yur symptoms?  Are you confused about which type of remedy to take to relieve your symptoms? Clearly many people are according to the findings of a new survey which shows that at least five million of the 13 million hay fever sufferers in Britain are putting their health at risk by taking the wrong medicine. PRimage client, Day Lewis Plc, the UK’s largest independent pharmacy group, is concerned that nearly three-quarters of people who experience hay fever symptoms do not seek medical advice before taking medication. Their message and advice to hay fever sufferers is: “Pharmacists are experts on medicines and how they work, so do talk to your Day Lewis pharmacist about your symptoms, to ensure you get the most effective hay fever treatment that is right for you.”

To reinforce the importance of understanding how to deal with hay fever, and the benefits of asking your pharmacist for advice on effective remedies, Day Lewis has re- issued it’s popular ‘Hay fever Survival Guide’ – which provides essential healthcare advice and an expert low-down on hay fever treatments, plus practical self-help tips to beat the characteristic and distressing symptoms – sneezing, itchy eyes and ears, and streaming or stuffy nose.

Peter Glover, Day Lewis Superintendent Pharmacist advises: “When hay fever hits, don’t suffer in silence. There are a wide range of effective treatments available from your Day Lewis pharmacy, which can help you cope with the miseries of hay fever, by reducing your symptoms. Even severe hay fever symptoms can by greatly reduced by some of the most recently developed treatments. By using the modern treatments, available from your pharmacy – and following the advice and self-help tips in our hay fever survival guide, you can control – and even avoid symptoms – which means you can get on with your life. Our Day Lewis pharmacists are geared up for the hay fever season – and will be happy to spend time with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have about coping with hay fever – and to recommend a treatment that’s right for you. But different treatments and products suit different people – which is why it’s so important that you discuss your symptoms with the pharmacist. And remember to tell the pharmacist if you have an existing medical problem or if you are taking any other medication”.

Peter explains to PRimage : These treatments can be very effective, but only if you use them properly. Antihistamine tablets have a high success rate. But do make sure you take them as directed by your pharmacist, and read the instruction leaflet. Eye drops and nasal sprays can also ease the symptoms. Antihistamine nasal sprays may stop your nose running and nasal steroid sprays can clear your nose by reducing inflammation in the cells. A third kind of nasal spray uses a drug called sodium cromoglicate, which can prevent the symptoms from happening in the first place. Sometimes a combination of treatments can work well.”

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