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Alcohol awareness – PRimage support new campaign

On the day that the Government are launching a careful drinking campaign Judy Viitanen has read a new survey that shows despite most people claiming to know what a unit of alcohol is, there is widespread ignorance about how many units are in a typical drink. The YouGov poll found that 77 per cent of people do not know how many units are in a glass of wine. More than half (55 per cent) of those questioned thought a large glass of wine would contain two units, when it actually contains three. Over a third (35 per cent) did not know that an average pint of beer contains two units, while nearly three out of five (58 per cent) did not know a double gin and tonic also contains two units. The survey was released to coincide with the launch of the biggest alcohol awareness campaign to date. The Department of Health’s Know Your Limits campaign aims to let drinkers know how many units are in their drinks and to help them stick to healthy limits. Adverts will appear on television, radio, advertising boards and in the written press advising that women should not regularly drink more than two to three units a day and men three to four.

Judy and the PRimage team totally support the aims of this important campaign – we all like a drink, but it’s crucial that we all understand the need to stick to healthly limits because excessive alcohol consumption has been proven to play a significant role in the development of numerous diseases, including several cancers, heart disease and stroke.

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