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Labour’s humiliating defeat in Glasgow East should be the end of Brown, say’s PRimage « PRImage

Labour’s humiliating defeat in Glasgow East should be the end of Brown, say’s PRimage

It’s no good Brown banging on about 11 years of economic growth, or the Chancellor, Hazel Blears and Scottish secretary Des Browne bleating on that voters were reacting to rising food and fuel prices. The fact is that most people – not just the Scots – are fed up with this incompetent Labour government under the leadership of the beleagured Brown. Everyone that Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team know feels disillusioned and the general view is that Labour have lost their direction and lost touch with the core voters that put them into power. For a long time the government have been saying they are ‘listening to the people’ but not actually doing it. In our view Brown’s days are numbered. He should resign and let someone take over or better still, follow the advice from GMB union leader Paul Kenny, who calls for Gordon Brown to face a Labour leadership contest this autumn!

Call us cynics, but the PRimage team think it is no coincidence that Labour called the by-election two days after Parliament went into summer recess … most MPs are off on their hols, which must be a comfort for Brown …. no MPs meeting in the tea rooms to plot and discuss how he could be replaced! But we bet there will be lots of covert conversations and emails over the next couple of weeks….. and by the time of the party conference in September things could be looking very dodgy for the PM!

Judy Viitanen agrees with David Cameron: after this humiliating result Brown should call a general election …  Judging from recent opinion polls, most voters feel the same!

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