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Tories have record lead over Labour – PRimage say ‘well done’ Cameron! « PRImage

Tories have record lead over Labour – PRimage say ‘well done’ Cameron!

Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team are delighted to read this morning that Cameron and the Conservatives have opened up a record lead in opinion polls: The new Ipsos MORI survey shows that support for the Tories among likely voters was 48 percent, while support for Labour was just 24 percent, with the polling firm saying it believed the 24-percentage-point gap was the widest in the history of British telephone polling!

We think David Cameron must be heartened by this, because were those results replicated in a general election, due by May 2010 at the latest, the Conservatives would likely win a landslide victory.

Conversely, this latest indication of voters views must be a further blow for the Prime Minister, and it’s timing comes just a day after Brown insisted he would win the next general election, despite bleak overall poll ratings and persistent talk of a leadership challenge! … If nothing else, Brown is an eternal optimist!

In our view, Brown and his cabinet cannot ignore the fact that these latest poll results mark a sharp turnaround for Labour, which held a double-digit lead in most opinion polls in late September 2007, but has been hurt as the British economy has taken a turn for the worst, coupled with a series of personal data loss blunders and heavy losses in recent by-elections. PRimage is sure that Labour will also be disheartened to find that according to the poll’s findings, it is rated below the Conservatives on every aspect of policy except for healthcare, where it holds a narrow three-point lead.

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