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PRimage comment on Brown’s ‘Big Speech’ to Labour

Always keen to keep up to date with political news, Judy Viitanen took time out from a busy working day to listen to the PM’s keynote leader’s speech in Manchester this afternoon.

What we had was a robust defence on his style of leadership and a sustained defence of Labour’s record. It was a fighting speech – and a reply and confrontation to his critics … with clear signals that he wouldn’t stand aside. PRimage wonder if his comment that ‘this is not the time for a novice’ was a sly dig at Cameron or Miliband – - or even to both! We’re pondering if Brown’s done enough now in this ‘big speech’ to put an end to the party’s recent revolts and rebellions.  PRimage believe that the key question is: ‘has he convinced – and silenced – the rebels, and has he bought himself a second chance with his party and the electorate?’  Time will tell….

For a man who rarely comes across in public as ‘warm’, and is normally awkward and missing Blair’s televisual communication skills, we found his style and delivery frank and candid – his tone and message was also about reminding delegates, voters and the media who he is and what he believes; a defence of his personality and his values…

We felt it was right that he addressed the problems of the economy and current credit crunch crisis in the detail that they deserved, and that he acknowledged that he’d been wrong on the disastrous 10p tax increase.

He did a lot of talking up of what he called ‘Labour’s NHS’ – Judy and the PRimage are especially pleased at the welcome announcements on free prescriptions for cancer patients and free health check-ups for the over-40′s.

PRimage overall verdict: a good speech; but not a great speech! We’d love to hear how it went down with the grassroots Labour activists in the hall …. wonder what they were really thinking? Bottom line, a fighting speech is fine to stonewall the critics in the party — but actions speak louder than words – so we will wait to see if our PM will actually deliver on these fine words and promises! …. Watch this space

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