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PRimage comment on Britain’s economic prospects

So, it’s official: economists from the International Monetary Fund have announced that Britain will be hit harder than any other advanced nation in the worst recession for more than 60 years!

The IMF’s devastating prediction drives a body low to our Prime Minister’s constant claim that Britain is “better placed to ride out the global downturn than the rest of the world”. Judy Viitanen wonders just how long Gordon Brown can keep up this refrain without losing credibility with voters and the business community? And then he’s also got to contend with his own MPs on this crucial issue … they face the prospect of Labour going into the next election in the midst of an appalling economic slump, and many will be likely to lose their seats. Watching prime minister’s questions in Parliament yesterday, Judy was delighted to see that the Conservatives made a pointed attack on the government over the figures – as David Cameron tried to force the PM to recant another of Brown’s tired mantra’s: that he had abolished boom and bust!

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