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PRimage comment on MPs expenses … « PRImage

PRimage comment on MPs expenses …

In our review of the weekend’s papers the PRimage team were interested to read further revelations and exposures over the ongoing saga over MPs’ expenses claims … so now the transport secretary Geoff Hoon is under fire. Who else is going to come under the spotlight Judy Viitanen wonders?

It was revealed that Hoon used his parliamentary allowance to run his constituency home while living rent-free in a government-owned Whitehall apartment and renting out his London flat. Home secretary Jacqui Smith, who was criticised for much of last week over her husband’s use of the allowance to claim for watching two pornographic films, was under the spotlight again. It was reported she had claimed for a £304 barbecue and garden patio set as part of her second-home allowance …. very important items to help her in her constituency duties!? … Chancellor Alistair Darling is also under scrutiny, after it emerged he has claimed thousands of pounds on his family home while renting out his privately-owned London flat and living in a grace-and-favour flat in Downing Street. We also noted that Tory leader David Cameron has sought to embarrass Gordon Brown over his expenses bill by pledging he will not claim the second home allowance if he ever moves into Number 10.

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