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MPs expenses – the saga continues!

Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team are not surprised that the public uproar over MPs’ expenses is continuing. An opinion poll in today’s Times confirms the huge public backlash – with the Populus survey revealing that over two thirds of voters think that all or a majority of MPs abuse their expenses and allowances, and a third think their local MP does. PRimage agrees!  In our view, this situation with regards to MPs expenses is totally wrong – and even more so at a time of huge economic downturn, with many families and businesses in the UK struggling to manage during these recessionary times.

Commons leader Harriet Harman said yesterday the government would be “taking action soon” on the – although reforms are not expected until the autumn. Given the strength of public opinion on this corrosive issue, Judy believes action should be taken now … especially as there are almost daily revelations. Housing minister Margaret Beckett has joined the list of MPs under fire for her claims, and according to news reports this morning, Gordon Brown has claimed more than £17,000 in second-home allowances despite living in a grace-and-favour apartment in Downing Street.

What’s your view? How do you feel about the fact that “the richest member of the cabinet”,Northern Ireland secretary Shaun Woodward, claims every penny of the second home allowance as well as having access to the most expensive grace-and-favour property in government! Please post a comment.  

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