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Care for the Carers: PRimage comment on Carers Week 8-14 June « PRImage

Care for the Carers: PRimage comment on Carers Week 8-14 June

elderlyAs a specialist healthcare communications agency the PRimage team have enormous respect for the millions of carers around the country who do such a wonderful job caring for loved ones and friends. In our view, they are truly the unsung heroes of our modern society!  There are millions of people in the UK who sacrifice their time – and often their health, finances, work and social life – in order to care for a loved one. We believe that they deserve to be recognised for the priceless contribution they make, both to our local community and to society at large!  Judy Viitanen has first-hand experience of this, having nursed her husband at home during his final illness from bowel cancer.  Judy knows that many carers feel perpetually tired and stressed out and would love to have someone they can talk to – and also to get advice from.   And many carers suffer due to a lack of understanding about what they do – some don’t even recognise themselves as carers! This has a real and negative impact on their health, finances, working and social life, and general wellbeing.” 

This week is Carers Week – and a new survey shows that three out of four carers have been forced to ‘breaking point’. Carers Week highlights the vital work done by those who provide unpaid care for someone who is ill, frail or disabled. This year, the theme for the week is ‘Carers… the UK’s secret service’ and calls for carers to receive greater recognition for the incredible contribution they make to their families and their communities. 

PRimage client, Day Lewis Pharmacy Plc – the UK’s largest independent pharmacy multiple group – is supporting this year’s Carers Week by re-launching its ‘Care for the Carer’ pharmacy support service during Carer’s Week.  As a community based independent pharmacy chain, the health of the local community is the number one priority for Day Lewis. That’s why the company feel there is nobody more deserving of its support than local carers. dl-logo-2  Day Lewis CEO, Kirit Patel, tells Judy:  “At Day Lewis we understand that a carer’s role can be demanding and difficult, which is why we are re-launching our special ‘Care for the Carer’ service.  On top of worrying  about a loved one’s needs, it must be terrible if carers themselves feel they have nowhere and nobody to turn to – so it’s  important that carers know that they don’t have to struggle on alone. The “Care for the Carer” service is designed to look after the health of carers and take a little weight off their shoulders – and is currently being run in five of Day Lewis pharmacies in the area around Croydon.  It provides an ”open door” policy allowing carers to take advantage of a range of services.”

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