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Brown bad for UK! PRimage comment

Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team gave up on the beleaguered Prime Minister a long time ago …. In our view, he’s well past his ‘sell-by date’ and the longer he stays in power the greater the damage he does to his party and the country!  It appears that more than half of the electorate share that view.  We are not surprised! brown-21

A majority, 60%, say Brown should step down now or before the next general election: In a YouGove poll more than half, 51%, agree with the statement that “Gordon Brown’s continued presence as prime minister is damaging the country”, against 27% who disagree. The poll of more than 1,900 people last Thursday and Friday also suggests the hostility towards the main parties shown in the European parliament elections this month has persisted.

The Tories, with 40% of the vote, have maintained a 16-point lead over Labour, which is down at 24%. However, both parties have lost support over the past month; in May their ratings were 43% and 27% respectively. The beneficiaries are not the Liberal Democrats, unchanged on 18%, but the smaller parties, up from 12% to 18%. Within this, the UK Independence party had 8% of the vote, the Greens 4%, and the British National party 3%, with most of the rest going to the Scottish Nationalists and Plaid Cymru.

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