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Tory success at Norwich North by-election: PRimage comment « PRImage

Tory success at Norwich North by-election: PRimage comment

Judy Viitanen and the PRimage team were delighted that the Conservative’s had such a positive win at the Norwich North by-election, overturning the 5,459 Labour majority won by Ian Gibson at the 2005 general election. Tory candidate Chloe Smith took the seat with 13,591 votes – a majority of 7,348 – just over double Labour’s 6,243 votes – and the stunning victory represents a 16.49 per cent swing to the Conservatives.  She said her election represented a victory for “honest politics” and that people had not just voted against Labour Party, but had voted for the Conservatives.  At 27, Chloe will become the youngest MP at Westminster – PRimage wish her every success.3969854

PRimage believes that this rout for Labour will spark off lots of in-fighting within the party.  But it’s probably unlikely that it will spark renewed calls for Gordon Brown to stand down as leader …. It seems that many Labour MPs are resigned to Brown staying as prime minister until the next election. 


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