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Barack Obama’s blueprint for health-care reform: PRimage comment « PRImage

Barack Obama’s blueprint for health-care reform: PRimage comment


As a specialist healthcare communications consultancy PRimage has been following with great interest Barack Obama’s bold plans to reform America’s healthcare system.  This week the President used a prime-time news conference marking six months in office to make the case for his blueprint for health-care reform, which Judy Viitanen watched on CNN. However, opinion polls show Americans increasingly disapprove of the president’s plans and some Democratic congressmen are questioning the cost. Three committees in the House of Representatives have presented a plan to provide health cover for the uninsured with the help of hefty tax increases on the rich.  In its latest estimate, the Congressional Budget Office said the health-care bill would add $239 billion to the federal deficit over ten years.   dollar1Barack Obama has promised that health-care reform will be deficit-neutral, but this is a difficult concept to consider – particularly in the current recession. A plan may be deficit-neutral over ten years, but add significantly to it thereafter by front-loading revenue and back loading costs. Many presidents have seen their ambitions frustrated by the realities of red ink – and Judy Viitanen believes this might be the case for Mr. Obama … watch this space

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