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Swine flu update

- The World Health Organisation said Tuesday that it will consult experts on the way anti-viral drugs such as Tamiflu are used to tackle the swine flu pandemic, and possible drug resistance.tamiflu


- Soft toys are flu risk: Childminders and nurseries should take soft toys away from children to stop the spread of swine flu, according to official guidance.


- The BBC could be asked to clear its schedules for educational programmes if schools are closed due to swine flu, it has emerged.

- There is ‘huge regional variation’ in the number of antivrial collection points available around the country, according to figures released by the Conservatives. Eight trusts have no collection points in place as yet, 47 trusts have just one collection point, whereas ten have more than 30.  There is also little correlation between the prevalence of swine flu in an area and the number of antiviral collection points. Shadow health minister Mike O’Brien said: ‘These figures are a genuine concern and raise further questions about the Government’s handling of swine flu.  ‘The number of collection points available in many areas still seems surprisingly low. If there are areas with too few collection points, then the Government must take urgent action to open more so that people suffering from swine flu can get the antivirals they need.’

- Antiviral treatment should be reserved for the young and under 65s during the swine flu pandemic, according to new research out today. A senior GP responsible for helping draft the profession’s swine flu plans has attacked the Government for encouraging the public to take Tamiflu even in cases where they may not need drugs.

- Campaigners have called on the government to suspend EU rules that limit doctors to working 48 hours a week in a bid to cope with the mounting pressure on the NHS caused by swine flu.

- A leading doctor has warned swine flu could become resistant to Tamiflu because it is being over-prescribed.

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