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Confidence in medicines is high

Research commissioned by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has found that 88 per cent of adults in Britain are confident about the safety of medicines. In seeking information about the risks and benefits of medicines, 61 per cent have approached their doctor and 41 per cent a local pharmacist. However, the research found that only 2 per cent of the public and 20 per cent of doctors could identify MHRA as the regulator.

PRimage comment

As a specialist healthcare communications agency, the PRimage team find these research findings very interesting.   We believe that it is very important that the public understand how to take their prescription and over the counter medicines correctly; so it is encouraging to know that the message about safe medication is getting through to consumers.  

PRimage managing director, Judy Viitanen, spent many years developing and promoting the ‘Ask Your Pharmacist’ healthcare advertising campaign, which reminds the public that their local pharmacist is an excellent source of advice and information on medicines safety and the right treatment for minor ailments and aches and pains.

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