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Health 2007 -’Faith healers’ a healthcare option for many! « PRImage

Health 2007 -’Faith healers’ a healthcare option for many!

More than half of people would turn to therapists such as faith healers rather than endure long NHS waiting lists, according to a new poll.  Seven out of 10 people questioned could name a paranormal expert, compared with one in 10 who could name a nationally acclaimed doctor.

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As a specialist healthcare PR agency PRimage was naturally interested and intruiged by this research finding!  What does this tell us about the public’s perception of the current situation with the NHS? 

Has the meltdown in UK NHS healthcare provision and the inquity of long NHS waiting lists reached such a crisis level that people with health problems would seriously opt to consult a faith healer rather than endure the anxiety of going onto an NHS waiting list for referall to a conventional medical expert?

PRimage MD, Judy Viitanen, believes that NHS officials and government health ministers should be concerned at these findings!  And the medical profession should be equally concerned at the public’s low awareness of ‘nationally acclaimed doctors’!

What’s your reaction to this survey?  Have you ever considered seeing a faith healer to deal with a health problem – and if so, why?  The PRimage team would love to hear your views.

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