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Americans’ love of new mobile technology: PRimage comment

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Over three-quarters of Americans age 43 and under now use a smartphone, according to new figures.  Growth is set to continue and, by mid – 2013, the number of consumers with smartphones will increase 53% from 99 million to 151 million. Forecasts suggest that Android users will continue to outstrip iPhone users – 48% vs. 32%.

Judy Viitanen and PRimage believe that marketers need to take note and optimize their campaigns according to consumers’ increasing obsession with mobile technology. There’s no escaping the fact that mobile will dominate content consumption in the future.

Smartphone Stats

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Mobile apps potential – PRimage comment

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Judy Viitanen and PRimage are interested in new statistics just released from Nielsen which show that mobile apps are beating the mobile web among US android smartphone users.

According to first-reported data from Nielsen Smartphone Analytics, when consumers use their mobile phones to check the news, weather, email, or their social networks, they often have a choice between the mobile web version or a specially-created mobile app. And they prefer Mobile apps – at least in terms of time spent.

These new Nielsen stats track and analyse data from on-device meters installed on thousands of iOS and Android smartphones.

  • They show that the average Android consumer in the U.S. spends 56 minutes per day actively interacting with the web and apps on their phone. Of that time, two-thirds is spent on mobile apps while one-third is spent on the mobile web.
  • The average Android user spends almost an hour a day interacting with web and apps.

A surprising finding is that despite the hundreds of thousands of apps available for Android, only a very small proportion of apps make up the vast majority of time spent.

  • In fact, the top 10 Android apps account for 43% of all the time spent by Android consumers on mobile apps.
  • The top 50 apps account for 61% of all time spent. With 250,000+ Android apps currently available, that means the remaining 249,950+ apps have to compete for the remaining 39% of the pie.